Unser Team

Simon Riggs

Simon is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of 2ndQuadrant. 

He is also a major developer and committer of the PostgreSQL project and has contributed major features in each of the last 8 versions of PostgreSQL. His work includes recovery and replication, performance and monitoring as well as designs for many other features.

Simon has worked as a Database Architect for more than 25 years, with high-end solutions experience and certifications on Oracle, Teradata and DB2.


Cédric Villemain

Cédric is a Principal Consultant for 2ndQuadrant France. 

He is also Vice-President of the French speaking PostgreSQL association.

Cédric contributes to and leads projects in the area of monitoring and performance as well as replication (Slony-I). He also contributes to text search features and enjoys designing new systems.


Gabriele Bartolini

Gabriele is a Principal Consultant for 2ndQuadrant Italia

A long time open-source programmer, Gabriele has been writing Linux/Unix applications in C and C++ for over 12 years, specialising in search engines and web analytics with large databases.

Gabriele has a degree in Statistics from the University of Florence. His areas of expertise are data mining and data warehousing, having worked on web traffic analysis in Australia and Italy.Gabriele is a consultant with 2ndQuadrant and an active member of the international PostgreSQL community.

His hobbies include "calcio" (football or soccer, depending on which part of the world you come from) and playing his Fender Stratocaster electric guitar.


Dimitri Fontaine

Dimitri is a Principal Consultant for 2ndQuadrant France

He is a leading member of the PostgreSQL community, contributing to Open Source for more than 15 years.  Dimitri is the lead developer of enterprise ready solutions such as pgloader (ETL), PostgreSQL prefix indexing (telephony routing), pg_staging (dev environment maintenance from production backups), preprepare (allowing easy usage of prepare statements behind a connection pooler), and some backports of PostgreSQL features (such as the UUID type or the suppress-redundant-update trigger).

He also contributed to Skytools and the Londiste replication system (both code and documentation), and authored a PHP layer for the PGQ event handler, allowing for robust asynchronous processing and code reuse.Dimitri likes system design, finding the right compromise using existing solutions when they do exists, with increasing increasing reliability as measured by Mean Time Between Failures as a stated goal.


Gianni Ciolli

Gianni is a Principal Consultant for 2ndQuadrant Italia

Gianni has been working with Free and Open Source Software for more than 15 years. From 2001 to 2004 he has been co-founder and then president of the PLUG - Prato Linux User Group; he has organised many editions of the Italian PostgreSQL day, and in 2013 was elected to the board of ITPUG, the Italian PostgreSQL Users Group.

He has worked at 2ndQuadrant since 2008, as a developer, consultant and trainer, and has been speaking at PostgreSQL conferences in several European countries. His IT skills include also functional languages and symbolic computing. Gianni has a PhD in Mathematics and is the author of published research on Algebraic Geometry, Theoretical Physics and Formal Proof Theory. He worked at the University of Florence as a researcher and teacher.

At present he lives in London with his family; his other interests include music, drama, poetry and sport, in particular Athletics where he competes in combined events.


Hannu Krosing

Hannu is Principal Consultant for 2ndQuadrant Nordics.

He started programming a few years before PCs became available.  Hannu has worked extensively on scaling the PostgreSQL database, designing a new partitioning language, PL/Proxy, which, together with queueing system PgQ enables infinite database scalability.

Hannu balances his free time between his family and sports, mountaineering and reading.  He originally studied architecture and applied mathematics.


Harald Armin Massa

Harald has been working with PostgreSQL as an application programmer and DBA since 1996. Since 1999 he was active as an entrepreneur, doing development with various SQL databases and using Python.  

He joined 2ndQuadrant in 2010 and founded 2ndQuadrant Deutschland GmbH in 2011.

The last years his information technology consulting was focussed on the insurance sector. He has wide range of experience with giving trainings and renowned for hosting 'lighting talks' at many international events.


Huw Ringer

Huw heads up 2ndQuadrant New Zealand, as Principal Consultant for the oceania region.

Huw is a highly experienced Business Intelligence consultant with an excellent track record over the last 18 years who has been involved in the design, development, and exploitation of some of the world’s biggest Data Warehouses across a variety of industries - including retail, healthcare, communications, finance, and media.


Jaime Casanova

Jaime is Principal Consultant for 2ndQuadrant Ecuador. 

He has been working with databases for more than 10 years, initially managing and tuning Informix databases as well as PostgreSQL.

Jaime has been a member of the PostgreSQL community for the last 8 years and has been actively contributing as a beta tester and patch reviewer. In 2007 he started promoting PostgreSQL by giving talks and trainings in the Latin American and Caribbean region. He is also the founder of the Ecuador's PostgreSQL Users Group.


Abhijit Menon-Sen

Abhijit is a consultant support engineer and key member of the customer support team.

He has been contributing to Postgres since 2004, and has been involved in open source development for several years before that.  Abhijit has has extensive experience designing and developing large applications with Perl and C++, and with network and security protocols. He is also an author of two RFCs.

In his spare time, he enjoys bird-watching and cooking.


Álvaro Herrera

Álvaro is a major contributor and committer of the PostgreSQL project.

He started improving the PostgreSQL code base in 2002, producing many features in every release since and continues to be a significant member of the core development team.

A Chilean residing in Santiago, alongside his wife they spend most of their time trying to prevent their three kids from devouring each other!


Barbara Milani

Barbara's professional career has always been about numbers.

Barbara went from financial management to industrial account supervising to marketing and sales for a software application for professionals.

She joined 2ndQuadrant in 2013, immediately embracing its mission: make PostgreSQL the most used database in the world, as she knows she can trust her colleagues in making it the best!

She recently moved to Prato. She loves travelling, scuba diving and sailing. 


Carlos Chapi

Carlos is a support engineer for our Spanish language support function, and performs remote DBA tasks as well as supporting translation and localization requirements.

Carlos is a regular contributor to Spanish translation of open source projects and has been an active member of Spanish computer security forums since 2006.

His other interests include music, animation and languages.


Craig Ringer

Craig is a consultant support engineer and key member of the customer support team.

He covers a variety of remote database administration work, internal systems administration, infrastructure consolidation, support team management, customer communications, direct customer support, database fault troubleshooting, and essentially anything else the team or a customer needs.

Craig is based out of Perth, Australia.  His outside interests include hiking, orienteering, sailing and SCUBA diving.


Francesco Canovai

Since he had his first computer, Francesco has been enthusiastic about Computer Sciences and has chosen his studies according to his passion. 

Francesco holds a degree in Computer Sciences at the University of Florence, with a specialisation in data management and structures. Currently he collaborates with the 2ndQuadrant team as system administrator and PostgreSQL DBA, believing it to be the best open source project in the database scene.

Francesco lives in Prato and in his free time is split between teaching karate and reading fantasy and science fiction books. Nonetheless he always finds time for a snowboarding trip or a board game with his friends.


Giulio Calacoci

Passionate about technology since childhood and naturally curious, Giulio took his first steps into the world of computer science on his own. 

Before joining 2ndQuadrant, he was programming web applications using Linux, PHP, Java and PostgreSQL. Giulio started working for 2ndQuadrant Italia developing Python applications and now he is a member of the Barman development team. 

Giulio loves listening to music and on weekends he performs as a DJ.


Giuseppe Broccolo

Giuseppe started his computer technician career as C/C++ developer in Linux/Unix systems, applied on computing & simulations in particle physics for many years in his research activity. 

In addition to research, he enhanced his computer skills working on GIS application development, commencing work with databases, in particular PostgreSQL and the spatial extension, PostGIS. 

Giuseppe holds a PhD in Physics and won a fellowship at “Scuola Normale Superiore” in Pisa, Tuscany. He has always cooperates with CERN in Geneva during his research activity.

He lives in Prato. Away from his desktop, he loves to lift weights and race with his superbike.


Howard Rolph

Howard leads marketing for Worldwide and English Speaking Territories, as part of the 2ndQuadrant HQ team.

He has nearly 20 years marketing experience, managing marketing for large global IT vendors.  Before joining the team at 2ndQuadrant he was an Account Director for a channel marketing agency, and has extensive experience of running marketing programmes, channel development and communications.

Howard enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and family, and supporting his children's various sports and dance hobbies.  He helps coach his son's local football team to keep fit (ish) and is a bit of a 'petrol-head'. He's also keen on many outdoor activities from sailing to skiing (but doesn't play golf!).


Jo Dix

An experienced facilitator and project manager in the field of education, Jo joined 2ndQuadrant in early 2013 as the AXLE (Advanced Analytics for Extremely Large European Databases) Project Manager. 

Jo moved to the UK in 1996 from South Africa, and has been based in the beautiful Lake District for the last ten years. In her spare time Jo is an adult education tutor, jeweler, dog walker and fitness enthusiast.


Kathryn Woodcock

Kathryn is Practice Manager for 2ndQuadrant HQ, based in the UK.  

Prior to joining 2ndQuadrant,  Kathryn developed web-based databases using PostgreSQL.

In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys spending time with family, and is interesting in food and fitness.


Marco Nenciarini

Marco has worked as a system administrator for more than 15 years. He's also a Debian developer since 2001 and is a co-founder of the Italian PostgreSQL User Group (ITPUG) and the Prato Linux User Group (PLUG).

He works on everything regarding management and design of PostgreSQL databases and the development of extensions and administration tools for them. He is the lead developer of the Barman project. Among his skills are the administration of GNU/Linux systems and especially virtualisation, e-mail systems, cryptography and security in general. Like the other members of the 2ndQuadrant team, Marco works with a lot of passion and dedication.

Marco lives in Prato with his wife and sons. He loves Tai Chi and has been practising it for two years.


Martín Marqués

Martín has a Bachelor in Mathematics and started using Linux and Open Source software in 1997. Since 2000 he's been working as a DBA, database programmer, web programmer, with PostgreSQL the main database of choice.

He is a regular speaker at Open Source software conferences in Argentina and Chile. One of his main roles within the local PostgreSQL community is to run training for several agencies of the state, universities and for the general public.

Martín's hobbies include cooking, some construction at home, swimming and scuba-diving.


Mike Redfern

Mike heads up our sales function for English Speaking Territories. 

He has substantial business development experience, having spent many years in sales, sales management and account management with some of the largest global tech companies around the world.   

Mike has a wealth of experience working with large enterprises and public sector organisations.  He enjoyed an illustrious career in the Royal Navy, with 10 years service, before starting his professional sales career.  He lives in the beautiful Cotswold region of the UK with his wife and Dave (the dog!).


Mike Riggs

Mike heads up finance and operations for 2ndQuadrant HQ.  

A seasoned entrepreneur, with extensive knowledge of running companies,  Mike is involved in the vital role of financial management for the company, and is involved in many aspects of the business on a day to day basis, from contract management to financial control.


Shaneel Prasad

Shaneel has been working with databases since 2001, with development and administration experience on Microsoft technologies. 

More recently he had been providing support for the IBM Netezza data-warehouse appliance which is based on the PostgreSQL SQL engine.

Shaneel grew up in Fiji and currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife and toddler daughter. He enjoys spending time with his family and cooking.


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