Wer nutzt PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is everywhere. To illustrate this, we’ve highlighted a handful of the hundreds, if not thousands, of uses of PostgreSQL that touch “everyman” as they lead their normal day-to-day life.

A day in the life of PostgreSQL

06:30 Checks email. Server-based virus scanning services offered by McAfee, Trend Micro, Comodo, Project Honey Pot and some other more secretive enterprises use PostgreSQL.
07:30 Listens to music on LastFM, a long term PostgreSQL user.
09:00 Call via Skype. Skype uses PostgreSQL to store all Skype chat and call activity. Call is routed through to an external VOIP service, running on Asterisk, which also uses PostgreSQL.
10:30 Boards flight for Boston. The Federal Aviation Authority converted from Oracle to PostgreSQL to track critical information about the layout of all airports in the US. FAA requires all new database GIS projects in the organisation use it.
13:00 Researches colon cancer at a charity web site that uses a .org domain. The charity web site runs Django on top of PostgreSQL. The .org domain is managed by Afilias who also use PostgreSQL. The medication described is by Genentech, producer of Avastin and other drugs, who use PostgreSQL for integrating and mining bioinformatics data as part of the drug discovery process.
14:00 Takes time out to go for a run, uses Runkeeper app from Fitness keeper. Fitness Keeper uses PostgreSQL to store all metrics of runners’ routes and performances.
18:00 Relaxes by playing online games at Hi5, a social gaming site using PostgreSQL. With 46.1m global visitors, it is the 6th most trafficked website.

You already trust PostgreSQL, you just may not know it yet…

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