Agilis Systems

Leading Gps Fleet Tracking Provider Chooses 2ndQuadrant

Agilis Systems LLC provides innovative GPS fleet tracking solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, with fleets of up to 20 vehicles.

Founded in 2004, Agilis Systems, US-based company is enjoying significant growth with the rising demand for vehicle tracking solutions for smaller enterprises.

The challenge

Right from the early days Agilis’ founders considered PostgreSQL to be the best choice of database, despite an initial foray into Oracle – quickly curtailed on the grounds of costs.

Although not database experts, all of Agilis’ systems are developed and maintained by an in-house technical team. This worked well for a number of years but fuelled by business growth and the inevitable scaling required, it became a concern that highly skilled application developers were increasingly spending time on database management tasks. Whilst capable, taking senior developers away from their day job is not productive and increasingly the team was working on the edge of their database management abilities. It became apparent that either Agilis needed to hire a DBA or consider outside assistance.

The challenge with hiring staff is always finding good quality people with the right experience and within commuting distance – particularly if you need staff on site, as was the case for Agilis.

Failing to find a suitable candidate, CTO and co- founder Naeem Bari started discussions with potential suppliers who could provide Agilis with the right level of PostgreSQL expertise, with a credible service offering that matched the high expectations that Agilis had.

2ndQuadrant was recommended by a few people that Naeem reached out to, and through a process of elimination, became one of two potential candidate companies to solve the challenge. On closer review, it was clear that 2ndQuadrant could provide a superior service with deeper technical knowledge than other providers.

Other companies just didn’t give us that warm fuzzy feeling that 2ndQuadrant did. It was clear that both the senior management and technical team knew their subject extremely well.

Naeem Bari, CTO and co-founder, Agilis Systems

The solution

2ndQuadrant were selected to provide PostgreSQL Production Support and Remote DBA. This comprehensive combination of service offerings give Agilis Systems all of the benefits of employing a DBA and so much more. The company now has 24/7 access to some of the world’s foremost developers of PostgreSQL, fronted by a team of technical experts all of whom have many years of database experience.

With Remote DBA, 2ndQuadrant can monitor Agilis’s databases, alert and make the necessary changes without intervention from their in-house technical team.

The first time we know there is an issue is when 2ndQuadrant tell us they’ve fixed it!

Naeem Bari, CTO and co-founder, Agilis Systems

As Agilis Systems have discovered, Remote DBA, when combined with a genuine 24/7 Support service offers so much more than simply hiring an in-house resource to manage a database. For example, no single DBA will have the skills and experience of a combined team of PostgreSQL experts.

And as Naeem can now appreciate, they don’t work 24/7 365 days a year either – so can never be as quick to respond and fix problems as the team at 2ndQuadrant.

We didn’t initially see the benefit of working with a team that is based in several locations around the world but then we realised that this was a huge positive, with 24 hour support provided by people in their normal working day and not simply on call.

Naeem Bari, CTO and co-founder, Agilis Systems

As Agilis Systems look towards further growth they can be confident in the resilience and availability of their PostgreSQL databases.

Everything from the initial contact with 2ndQuadrant sales to the onboarding process has been really good. The communication between 2ndQuadrant and ourselves is fantastic and the team provides a highly effective, first class service. As we scale up, we plan on 2ndQuadrant being right there with us.

Naeem Bari, CTO and co-founder, Agilis Systems

2ndQuadrant Services Provided

  • Remote DBA
  • Gold Production Support

About 2ndQuadrant

2ndQuadrant provides PostgreSQL solutions for the Enterprise. Our support engineers have over 100 years of combined code contributions to the PostgreSQL project, making us the only company to contribute enterprise features to all of the last 13 releases. This is paired with 17+ years of hands-on experience through client engagements and allows us to integrate customized solutions with our customers – making 2ndQuadrant the Gold Standard for PostgreSQL products & services.