Announcing The Release of 2ndQPostgres

2ndQuarant proudly announces the release of 2ndQPostgres.

More speed. More reliability. More scalability.

Offered exclusively to 2ndQuadrant customers, 2ndQPostgres  includes carefully selected, quality-assured features not yet available in the community version of PostgreSQL – giving you access to cutting-edge features with no lock-in!

The features are not yet available in the community version of PostgreSQL because they are:

  • New and Original – Our customers get early access to new advanced features
  • Backported from later releases – PostgreSQL adds new features with every major version. 2ndQPostgres allows you to benefit from the latest enhancements without needing to upgrade.
  • Not yet accepted to PostgreSQL core – Due to its open, collaborative ecosystem, Community PostgreSQL can sometimes require a great deal of time for new features to be committed to its core. Our customers are able to utilize cutting-edge features while the community acceptance process continues.

Read more about the features of 2ndQPostgres here.