Announcing The Release Of pglogical 1.2.2

Oxford, United Kingdom – January 4, 2017

2ndQuadrant, the leading developers of PostgreSQL, are delighted to announce the release of pglogical 1.2.2 – the next generation in replication systems for PostgreSQL.

The 1.2.2 release brings important bug fixes to pglogical. Same salient ones are listed below:

  • Fixed the „ERROR: tuple natts mismatch, n vs m“ when DROP COLUMN was mixed with DML changes within same transaction
  • Fixed ERROR during timestamp based conflict resolution on already frozen tuples
  • Fixed internal index corruption which manifested as apparently missing tables in publication

pglogical offers Logical Replication as a PostgreSQL extension, which provides the flexibility of trigger-based replication with the efficiency of log-based replication. This ground-breaking new technology has benefits for many key use cases

  • UPGRADE      Upgrade PostgreSQL from 9.4 to 9.5 and above, without downtime
  • SCALE OUT    Copy all or a selection of database tables to other nodes in a cluster
  • AGGREGATE    Accumulate changes from sharded database servers into a Data Warehouse
  • INTEGRATE    Feed database changes in real-time to other systems

pglogical is open source and available for download as binary packages for PostgreSQL 9.4, 9.5, & 9.6 versions. Visit pglogical for more detail.

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