Announcing the Release of BDR 1.0.3

Oxford, United Kingdom – October 30, 2017

2ndQuadrant announced today the release of BDR 1.0.3, the first open source multi-master replication system for PostgreSQL to reach full production status. This release includes the updated PostgreSQL server version to support this extension, Postgres-BDR 9.4.14, containing all of the fixes from the PostgreSQL 9.4.14 release.

The fixes and improvements included in this release are listed below:

  • Add new bdr.wait_slot_confirm_lsn function for node synchronisation
  • Fix possible hang in apply worker that required a full database restart to recover from
  • Fix apply_delay for remote commit timestamps that are in the local node’s future due to clock skew
  • Support compilation against PostgreSQL 10’s libpq, for Debian derivative packaging
  • Fix an issue where DDL lock strength was sometimes higher than required
  • Improve some error messages to make diagnosis of structure matches easier
  • Show database name and application_name in logs for BDR workers

2ndQuadrant (the developers of Postgres-BDR) provides Professional Support, as well as consultation and training for BDR. With our deep knowledge of distributed databases in PostgreSQL, we will ensure that you are able to evaluate your use case and determine the most suitable product or solution.

Postgres-BDR is also available and supported by 2ndQuadrant in the Cloud.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected]