Announcing PGInstaller for PostgreSQL 11 Beta 2

Oxford, United Kingdom – June 29, 2018

2ndQuadrant announced today the release of PGInstaller, for PostgreSQL v11 Beta 2 for Windows, OSX and Linux platforms.

PGInstaller provides a standalone, user-friendly installation for PostgreSQL based on a GUI. PGInstaller is available for PostgreSQL 9.5, 9.6, 10 and 11(beta).

This PostgreSQL release presents improvements including:

  • Several fixes for memory leaks
  • Several fixes specific to the Windows platform
  • Fix for SHOW ALL to display superuser configuration settings to roles that are allowed to read all settings
  • Ensure pg_resetwal works with relative paths to data directory
  • Fix issue where COPY FROM .. WITH HEADER would drop a line after every 4,294,967,296 lines processed

For a complete list of updates and bug fixes, read the PostgreSQL 11 Beta 2 release notes here.

PGInstaller is available for download here.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected]