2ndQuadrant listed amongst the 20 Most Promising IBM Solution Providers 2019

CIOReview recognizes 2ndQuadrant’s IBM Z packaging and support for open source PostgreSQL

Oxford, United Kingdom — 2ndQuadrant today announced that they have been recognized as one of the 20 most promising IBM solutions providers for Open Source PostgreSQL.

CIOReview is a leading technology magazine that bridges the gap between enterprise IT vendors & customers, and annually features a ranking of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing innovative technology solutions and impacting the marketplace.

2ndQuadrant is honored to be recognized in CIOReview’s recent article, for their PostgreSQL database solutions – including the complex Z Platform from IBM – and their continued commitment to the PostgreSQL project over the past 18+ years.

CIOReview gave an overview of the solutions offered by 2ndQuadrant, specifically focused on eliminating database downtime for business critical functions within enterprises.

Simon Riggs, founder and CTO of 2ndQuadrant, stated:

“If a company happens to lose an application server, they might get another one, however losing a database is a significantly more serious issue.”

2ndQuadrant offers high availability database solutions to enterprises with great emphasis on ensuring consistent operability and continuous support of their critical systems.

Financial service organizations, insurance companies, healthcare, and telecommunications service providers are just a few examples of companies that use 2ndQuadrant 24/7 Support and other services for their PostgreSQL databases.

Read more about 2ndQuadrant and what makes them one of the year’s most promising IBM solutions providers in the CIOReview article here.

About 2ndQuadrant

2ndQuadrant provides PostgreSQL Solutions for the Enterprise – reliably deploying them on the platform of your choice and providing 24/7 Production Support. Our solutions address all aspects of your database ecosystem, ensuring high availability, disaster recovery, backup & failover management, and much more.

Moreover, we provide tools to make your deployment process simple and reliable. With over 100 years of combined code contributions to the PostgreSQL project, our engineers ensure that your PostgreSQL solutions are fully supported in your production environment.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected]