PostgreSQL Whitepapers

The compilation of whitepapers presented below will help you develop a deeper knowledge about PostgreSQL and guide you through the tools and solutions provided by 2ndQuadrant. These technical documents highlight some of the common issues faced by day-to-day Postgres users and possible solutions to overcome them.

Business Case for PostgreSQL Support

This whitepaper discusses the importance of professional support for mission-critical PostgreSQL database systems. Learn how PostgreSQL Support will reduce business cost, save you from known pitfalls, help you scale, distribute your data, and what to look for in PostgreSQL Support companies.

AlwaysOn Postgres

AlwaysOn Postgres with BDR

This whitepaper does a deep dive on how to achieve AlwaysOn Availability (up to 99.9999%). It gives an overview of the desirable features and benefits of delivering a very highly-available service. This architecture is based on the multi-master replication capabilities of BDR’s ground-breaking technology and also includes Rolling Upgrade abilities to ensure zero downtime.

Highly Available Postgres Clusters

Highly Available PostgreSQL

This whitepaper discusses the scenarios when designing a high availability architecture for PostgreSQL, including failover and switchover. It outlines strategies for backup and disaster recovery, and proposes an architecture that relies on best practices for high levels of reliability in production.

Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices

This whitepaper documents well-proven PostgreSQL security best practices, giving an introduction to the fundamental concepts necessary for any cluster setup. Learn how to harden your PostgreSQL database cluster by developing a deeper understanding of the security features available and industry best practices.

BDR Whitepaper


This whitepaper gives an overview of BDR, including its use cases and deployment options, paying detailed attention to its features and benefits. BDR provides advanced replication, very high availability, scalability, and multi-master replication for PostgreSQL databases.