Replication, Backup and Disaster Recovery

This class covers the basics of replication and recovery, through administration and application of design.

Prerequisites Topics Acquired skills
– Basics of systems administration

– Basics of PostgreSQL database administration

– PostgreSQL basics

– Basics of applications design with PostgreSQL

– Physical Backup

– Point In Time Recovery

– Barman

– Logical Backup

– Replication Overview

– Replication Terminology

– Replication Transport

– Replication Startup & Setup

– Disconnection and Reconnection

– Switchover, Failover and Failback

– Physical Streaming Replication

– Advanced PostgreSQL database administration

– Advanced database architecture techniques

– Basics of database replication with PostgreSQL

– Basics of database scalability with PostgreSQL

– Basics of high availability and recovery with PostgreSQL

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Length: 3.00 days