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PostgreSQL Consulting Services

2ndQuadrant provides a wide range of professional services for using PostgreSQL in enterprise production environments. Our PostgreSQL experts are available round the clock to provide consulting services from Deployment and Migration to Performance Tuning and 24/7 Production Support. Our services are designed to fit companies of all sizes; from large enterprises to small startups and everything in between.

24/7 Production Support

When it’s critical, you can count on us!

If access to your data is critical, we guarantee to address your problems quickly. Our 24/7 Production Support service provides global coverage with local presence to ensure that a PostgreSQL expert responds within 15 minutes to address your issue, to provide a workaround in 4 hours, and a bug fix within 24 hours. Learn more about 24/7 Postgres Support.

PostgreSQL Developer Support

2ndQuadrant’s PostgreSQL Developer Support service offers direct support from experts for questions related to installation, usage, configuration, and management of PostgreSQL for non-production environments.

Developer support lets you optimize time and resources during development stages and provide your company with the assurance of working with PostgreSQL experts to resolve issues quickly and accurately.


“Working with 2ndQuadrant has been an excellent experience. Their support team has a wealth of knowledge and always provides an in-depth answer to our questions in a very timely fashion. Between support, consulting on specific issues and guidance on overall best practices, 2ndQuadrant has been an invaluable resource to us at tastyworks.”

Jordan von Kluck, CTO, tastyworks

“2ndQuadrant was initially recommended as a to-go company to get quality consulting for PostgreSQL. We are happy with that recommendation.”

Nickolay Schwarz, CTO, BenchPrep

“With production database footprints circling the globe and scaling to tens of terabytes, we have relied on 2ndQuadrant for nearly a decade to keep our systems healthy and operational. From routine upgrades and backups through consulting on query performance and disaster recovery to developing patches for our live databases during critical incidents, 2ndQuadrant have provided us with unparalleled support and expertise and are absolutely indispensable to our business operations.”

Merlin Hughes, CTO, Learning Objects

Database Administration Services

Remote DBA

Remote Database Administration is the perfect solution for organizations that require additional help or complete active management of their PostgreSQL database. Remote DBA provides reliable technical expertise, a highly responsive 24/7 service, and absolute assurance to meet your company’s quality expectations.

Database Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and basic care of your database by the world-class experts at 2ndQuadrant will put your mind at ease with our Database Monitoring service. 2ndQuadrant engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to guarantee that your PostgreSQL database performance and security standards are met.

Migration Services

Migrate to PostgreSQL

Break free from vendor lock-in. 2ndQuadrant’s Professional Services for PostgreSQL Migration makes it easier for you to Migrate to PostgreSQL. Our world renowned experts have been helping customers migrate with minimum disruption and downtime for over 15 years. 2ndQuadrant has developed powerful tools to speed up the migration process and ensure a seamless transition.

Migration Assessment

The Migration Assessment Service from 2ndQuadrant helps you evaluate the status of your database prior to initiation of a migration. It also ensures a smooth transition without loss of data, unplanned downtime, or unexpected expenses.

Consulting Services

Health Check

Prevention is better than a cure. 2ndQuadrant’s Architectural Health Check service gives you a deeper understanding of the overall health of your PostgreSQL database, in areas like performance, security, data loads, availability, and compliance.

Optimize performance of your PostgreSQL databases based on your application needs using 2ndQuadrant performance tuning services.

Performance Tuning

2ndQuadrant’s  PostgreSQL Performance Tuning service offers an in-depth analysis and personalized service for tuning your database; customized to your organizational workloads, ensuring your PostgreSQL database performs at its full capabilities.

Evaluate and analyze your PostgreSQL database security with full documentation of vulnerabilities discovered along with a customized report with recommendations and prioritized remediation steps.

Database Security Audit

2ndQuadrant’s Database Security Audit service helps you harden your database by identifying and addressing security threats. Determining breach points in your database is the first step towards improving the security of your infrastructure to avoid being impacted by vulnerabilities that can be prevented.

PostgreSQL Upgrade

Upgrade your PostgreSQL database with almost zero downtime to the latest release; granting you access to new features, increased robustness, improved performance and community support.

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