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24/7 PostgreSQL Support on IBM Z running RedHat, SUSE, or Ubuntu

In partnership with IBM, 2ndQuadrant provides IBM Z users with world renowned 24/7 PostgreSQL Production Support for IBM mainframe technology. All critical situations are handled live by PostgreSQL experts with a 15-minute initial response, followed by a guarantee to provide a workaround within 4 hours and a bug fix within 24 hours.

PostgreSQL Packages for Linux on IBM Z

2ndQuadrant and IBM have worked closely together to ensure IBM Z users can easily install current releases of PostgreSQL that are specifically optimized for the platform. Current packaging availability:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04

Zypper installation on SLES SUSE

Installation instructions are available here.

YUM Installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Installation instructions are available here.

Apt Installation for Ubuntu

Installation instructions are available here.

Increased Performance

2ndQuadrant has tested PostgreSQL running on IBM Z which produced some impressive performance results. More details are available here.

Commitment to IBM Z

2ndQuadrant is committed to support IBM Z users long term. We have made a long term commitment to both IBM and PostgreSQL users to continue to invest in a continuous development programme for IBM Z. 2ndQuadrant maintains a dedicated Z build farm, and RPM and APT repositories for current editions of PostgreSQL.

Why 2ndQuadrant?

2ndQuadrant provides PostgreSQL solutions for the Enterprise. Our support engineers have over 100 years of combined code contributions to the PostgreSQL project, making us the only company to contribute enterprise features to all of the last 13 releases.

This is paired with 17+ years of hands-on experience through client engagements and allows us to integrate customized solutions with our customers - making 2ndQuadrant the Gold Standard for PostgreSQL products & services.

To request more information about IBM Z Production Support, please complete the contact form below and we will have someone contact you as soon as possible.

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