Remote DBA for PostgreSQL

Let us help manage your PostgreSQL database: Remote DBA is the perfect solution for organizations that require additional help managing their PostgreSQL database.

The service is offered as an add-on benefit to our Gold and Platinum Production Support service plans.

Support and Remote DBA

Not only do you get the benefits of the best PostgreSQL support available, we can eliminate the hassle of monitoring and managing your database to ensure it’s always running and performing at its best.

RDBA, when combined with 24/7 PostgreSQL Production Support, can provide your organization with the reassurance that when things do go wrong, we'll spot the problem quickly - and fix the problem quickly.

Team Expertise

The team that provides both the monitoring and ultimately helps fix issues is one of the most experienced group of people you're likely to find. All of our engineers have years of experience and many are regular contributors to the development of PostgreSQL. With deep knowledge of the core code, Remote DBA and Production Support give you access to some the world’s leading PostgreSQL experts.

Save money on resources

Remote DBA can be a very cost effective alternative to hiring additional resources to perform the same tasks. Typical costs can be less than 20% of the cost of hiring just one full time DBA. Add in the cost of possibly three DBA’s that you'd need to hire to cover a 24 hours shift, and the cost for Remote DBA from 2ndQuadrant becomes very compelling.

Remote DBA for PostgreSQL

Save money on downtime

Remote DBA can bring substantial cost savings through reducing the risk of unplanned downtime. The cost of downtime will vary from one company to another but the likely impact of losing access to your database will vary from inconvenient to total disaster! Remote DBA with remote monitoring allows us to act fast, reducing the impact of failure and the consequences of lost database access.


Other services

Support on IBM z/Linux

2ndQuadrant now offers PostgreSQL Production Support on the IBM z Systems platform, running either RedHat or SUSE Linux.

This service provides IBM z System users with the class-leading combination of the most advanced 24/7 professional PostgreSQL technical support service available, with the extraordinary capabilities of this IBM mainframe technology.

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Developer Support

If you are using PostgreSQL in a pre-production or development environment, we offer access to technical expertise through our Developer Support service, including unlimited access to some of the best PostgreSQL experts around.

We offer this service on a monthly subscription basis (minimum contract 6 months).

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Our guarantees

Guaranteed PostgreSQL expertise

With 2ndQuadrant you deal with PostgreSQL experts from the first point of contact.

Our professional support function is staffed by world-class experts who have years of experience and are themselves Postgres contributors, developers or committers:

When you call us, a noted PostgreSQL expert/developer/contributor will actually respond, personally. And if they can't help, we'll mobilise more people until we can.

We don't have Level 1 staff as call panel-handlers, we don't operate from far away call centres and we don't rely on Google search for our expertise!

We don't just provide support - we guarantee help.

Guaranteed fairest price

Our Production Support subscriptions are available to purchase on a per server basis (per PostgreSQL instance - which particularly benefits clients using multi-core and multiple servers) and on per socket basis (more suitable for environments that consist of many virtualised servers).

We call this our price optimization policy; our commitment to providing support for the lowest possible fee, matched to a client's specific needs.

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