Postgres-BDR Deployment Options

Choosing the best deployment option for your enterprise software can depend on a number of factors. 2ndQuadrant provides several options to deploy Postgres-BDR based on budget, internal resources, access to hardware, and more. 

The BDR experts at 2ndQuadrant will help you evaluate the best deployment option based on your business needs.

2ndQuadrant deploys BDR clusters using the following options:

  • Trusted PostgreSQL Architecture (TPA). Pushing the limits of the mighty Ansible, TPA deploys highly available BDR clusters using best practices gained from decades of experience. TPA from 2ndQuadrant is available for deployment on-premise as well as on the Cloud.

  • Docker Images. This option provides a flexible and quick deployment model for Postgres-BDR clusters. Docker images manage to reduce deployment times significantly, allowing you to create containers without external runtime requirements. It gives you the possibility of creating a personalized architecture with minimal configuration. 

  • Binary Repository. Postgres-BDR is available for deployment via 2ndQuadrant’s yum & apt repositories - designed and maintained for production use. The binaries, in the form of RPMs and DEBs respectively, can be installed using the native package managers of the operating system of your choice. This provides a stable and reliable access to the software, on-premise and in the Cloud. 

  • Global Database as a Service. GDS from 2ndQuadrant provides a rapid, smooth, and reliable deployment performed automatically on the cloud. This is a fully managed and supported service for geographically distributed, AlwaysOn Postgres-BDR clusters. This model is available on the Cloud only.

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