PostgreSQL Immersion

This course combines three shorter classes—covering administration, performance, advanced development, and replication—into a continuous sequence. Ideal if you want to learn quickly

Subject Areas Topics

Introduction to PostgreSQL 9 Database Administration

Connecting & Troubleshooting

PgAdmin III Overview

Server Configuration

Database Administration

User Administration

Understanding Database Object Types

Permissions & Security

Running SQL




Data Migration & Test Environments

Server Logs

Help & Support

Advanced Development & Performance Summary

Server Architecture & Caching

Tuning Parameters


Locking & Concurrency

Database design alternatives

Advanced Development Summary

Reading EXPLAINs

Workload Analysis, Benchmarking and Profiling

Join Planning


SQL Performance Tips & Tricks

PostgreSQL 9 Replication & Recovery Concepts

pg_dump and restore options

PITR Backup and Recovery

Replication Concepts

High Availability options

Streaming Replication

Managing clusters using repmgr

Hot Standby

Synchronous Replication

File based Log Shipping

Introduction to Slony & Londiste

Connection Pooling

Upgrading PostgreSQL

Sharding and Scale Out

Minimum prerequisites Course length

Students must have a working knowledge of SQL. Using the command line interface to a Linux system and some basic UNIX shell programming experience is needed to complete all of the replication workshop exercises.

Who should attend

Database administrators, systems administrators, or developers with working knowledge of database usage.

5 days

Course Price: USD$ 3875 | GBP£ 2500 | EUR€ 3000

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