Professional PostgreSQL Training in Chicago

Hands-on Postgres training with world-renowned experts

2ndQuadrant offers professional courses to learn Postgres, improve your technical skills and apply your practical knowledge, in Chicago. The upcoming PostgreSQL Database Administration course covers the tasks that a PostgreSQL DBA faces daily, from basic operations to intermediate techniques. Some of the topics included in this course are listed below:

  • Server configuration
  • Database administration
  • User administration
  • Understanding database object types
  • Permissions & Security
  • Monitoring
  • VACUUM, freezing & avoiding wraparound

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3 good reasons to learn with 2ndQuadrant:

  • PostgreSQL is among the most popular database management systems, chosen and used by many developer and database administrators.

  • 2ndQuadrant course trainers are world-class experts and active contributors to the development of PostgreSQL.

  • 2ndQuadrant offers a complete training catalog to learn PostgreSQL. From basic tasks to advanced operations and development.

Visit Chicago

The courses will be held in the heart of Chicago, a few feet away from the city’s main attractions and various accommodation options. 
Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US, located on Lake Michigan in Illinois. Chicago has many important museums (listed below), and is one of the most prominent international financial, industrial, and commercial hubs. Some of the most important attractions in Chicago to visit during your stay are:

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