2UDA – Big Data Analytics with Postgresql

Download and Install 2UDA

To unleash the awesome power of 2UDA for your data, simply download the installer from your choice of three operating systems (64-bit only). The installers support English, French, German, Italian, Slovenian, & Spanish languages.

Looking to install PostgreSQL?

Use Postgres Installer for an easy, GUI-based installation. 

2UDA 11

(Beta 1 released – May 24, 2018)

Release notes for PostgreSQL 11 (Beta 1) are available here.

2UDA 10

(Version 10.4 released – May 10, 2018)

Release notes for PostgreSQL 10.4 are available here.

2UDA 9.6

(Version 9.6.9 released – May 10, 2018)

Release notes for 9.6.9 are available here.

2UDA 9.5

(Version 9.5.13 released – May 10, 2018)

Release notes for 9.5.13 are available here.

What is 2UDA?

2ndQuadrant Unified Data Analytics (2UDA) is a data analytics application suite that unifies databases, spreadsheets, data mining and visualisation in one seamless desktop installer. 

Please visit the FAQ page for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

2UDA Unified Data Analytics Architecture Display

2UDA (pronounced ‘tudor’) is packaged and ready to install on your personal computer, with a choice of operating systems: Linux, OSX and Windows.

Once installed, 2UDA gives users access to the dramatic data visualisation and data mining capabilities of Orange 3, working directly against the powerful PostgreSQL relational database. 2UDA provides these open source applications through one, easy to use installation package.

Tutorial: Visualizations and Predictive Models

In order to get a jump start at the awesome visualization and predictive capabilities offered by 2UDA, you can download our short tutorial especially written by our expert developers for new users. Read on to know more and download the tutorial in PDF format.

Deploying Predictive Models

To make the most use from the results of predictive analytics and bring their benefits into production, it is now possible to deploy the trained predictive models inside a PostgreSQL database. Try out an early version of pgpredict, which lets you export a model from Orange to a .json file, load it in PostgreSQL, and make real-time predictions directly in the database.

Your feedback is welcome

Although primarily aimed at Data Analysts and Data Scientists, we encourage participation from developers and DBAs to help us improve the function and user experience for all users. Download a copy of 2UDA, using the appropriate link above and then complete the feedback form below and tell us what you think. Your participation will help us to continue to refine 2UDA.

About the 2UDA Development Project

2UDA emerged from the  Project (Advanced Analytics of Extremely Large European databases) which focuses on automatic scaling of complex analytics, while addressing the full requirements of real data sets. 

Real data sources have many difficult characteristics. Sources often start small and can grow  extremely large as business initiatives succeed, so the ability to analyse this data easily and from common user interfaces is of great importance to future success. 

Integrating the open-source database PostgreSQL, LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet and Orange visualisation tools enables the analysis of remote and extremely large databases with little effort.

For further information, or support, please complete the contact form above.