Whitepaper: Business Case for PostgreSQL Support

Downtime costs your business money. This whitepaper discusses the importance of professional support for mission-critical PostgreSQL database systems, what to look for in PostgreSQL support companies, and how the deep knowledge and hands-on experience that is provided by PostgreSQL developers is more beneficial than cursory knowledge when you experience an issue with your database.

Topics covered in this Whitepaper are:

  • Why PostgreSQL?
  • Why enterprises need Support with PostgreSQL
  • What is covered in PostgreSQL Support?
  • Why are SLAs important?
  • Why developer-level support is important

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24/7 Production Support for your Business

If access to your data is mission critical, 2ndQuadrant guarantees to address your problems quickly. PostgreSQL Support from 2ndQuadrant provides you with confidence that if an issue emerges, it will be handled promptly.

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