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2ndQuadrant training courses are rated 'excellent' by 100% of clients - a testimony to the quality and experience of our tutors.  

Whether you are looking to acquire new skills in PostgreSQL or improve existing knowledge, we offer a range of courses to cover most requirements.  

Check out the current curriculum and find out when our next courses are taking place, prices and how to book.

Learn PostgreSQL in 5 days

If you are already proficient with SQL, attending our 5 day PostgreSQL Immersion course could allow you to migrate your skills – ahead of migrating a database!

Our PostgreSQL Immersion course is designed for people who want to learn new skills fast and is a great way to build on your existing DBA knowledge.  

Our PostgreSQL Immersion courses are popular because they cover a range of topics and allow time to dig deeper into specific topics, based on student requirements. It's also a favourite course for anyone with existing PostgreSQL but who want to explore the full capabilities of the world's most advanced open source database.

To book onto the next scheduled course or for more details about the course click here.  

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"It was fantastic to have a trainer so deeply involved with the product and its development that we could ask him practically anything and he would be able to solve a given problem to a high standard in a very short space of time. We knew we were getting access to someone with a deep understanding that was willing to share this with us, which was hugely valuable"
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