Predictive Analytics with PostgreSQL

This class covers data mining approaches ­from exploratory data visualizations to training predictive models for classification and regression tasks. For efficiency and ease of use, data stored in a PostgreSQL database will be used directly and analysed with Orange using interactive GUI controls (no programming prerequisites!). Hands­-on exercises will show how to work with big data and export trained models to be deployed on the database server.

Prerequisites Topics Acquired skills

• Basics of Data Analysis

• SQL Basics

• Data Mining Overview and Terminology

• CRISP­DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining)

• Data Exploration using Visualizations

• Data Preparation and Transformation

• Model Training (classification, regression)

• Model Testing and Evaluation (generalization, overfitting)

• Reporting and Reproducibility

• Predictive Analytics of Big Data

• Deploying Models on a PostgreSQL server

• Advanced Data Analysis

• Basics of Big Data Analysis

• Basics of Predictive Analytics in PostgreSQL

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Length: 1.00 day
Price: £ 500

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