PostgreSQL Immersion for Cloud Databases

The PostgreSQL Immersion for Cloud Databases is a shorter version of the Immersion course, covering topics that are more relevant for users of Cloud Databases. It is a self-contained program, created by combining selected topics from three other comprehensive courses: Administration and Replication; Advanced Development and Performance; and Backup & Disaster Recovery. This course has minimal prerequisites, making it ideal as a speedy introduction to PostgreSQL. It is suitable for a wide range of participants, such as: application developers with working knowledge of databases, system administrators, and database administrators having prior experience with any database software.

– Basics of databases
– Basics of SQL
– Basics of Systems Administration
– Basics of Application Design
– Introduction to PostgreSQL
– OmniDB
– Server Configuration
– Database Administration
– User Administration
– Understanding Database Object Types
– Monitoring
– VACUUM, Freezing & Avoiding Wraparound
– Managing Cloud Databases
– Server Architecture & Server Tuning
– Security
– Database Design Alternatives
– Advanced Development
– EXPLAIN and SQL Execution
– Workload Analysis
– Indexes
– Partitioning
– Replication Architecture
– Point-In-Time Recovery
– Logical Backup
– Logical Replication Overview
– Online Upgrade
– Bi-Directional Replication
– Basics of PostgreSQL
– PostgreSQL Database Administration
– PostgreSQL Application Design
– PostgreSQL Tuning and Performance
– PostgreSQL Database Architecture
– Advanced PostgreSQL development
– PostgreSQL Replication
– PostgreSQL High Availability
– PostgreSQL Disaster Recovery
– Basics of PostgreSQL Scalability

Tags: Database AdministrationReplication & RecoveryIntroduction to PostgreSQLAdvanced Development & Performance


Length: 4.00 days