PostgreSQL Development

This class covers important Basic and Intermediate level details for developers interacting with PostgreSQL. Suitable for developers using Java, PHP, Python, perl, .Net and other client languages.

Prerequisites Topics Acquired skills

Basics of programming

Basics of systems administration

Basics of PostgreSQL database administration

PostgreSQL basics

SQL basics

• Basic Development

• psql and scripting

• Statement behaviour

• Transaction Management & MVCC

• Transaction Isolation and Visibility

• Data loading

• Client/Server topics

• Interface details (jdbc, DBI, .Net etc)

• User defined functions and procedural languages

• PL/pgSQL

• Triggers

• Extensions

• PostgreSQL extended features

• Using XML

• Aggregates and Set Returning Functions

• Window Functions

• More Functions

• Recursive Queries

• Testing with pgTAP

• Basics of PostgreSQL development

• Basics of applications design with PostgreSQL

• Basics of PL/pgSQL

• Techniques of software development with PostgreSQL (debugging, error management, etc.)

Tags: Database Administration, Database Development, Software development, Systems Architecture

Length: 3.00 days
Price: £ 1800

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