PostgreSQL Data Warehousing & Partitioning

This course discusses how to design Data Warehouse solutions based on PostgreSQL, starting from the basics and then moving to specific aspects such as partitioning, data loading, scalability and performance optimization for analytic queries. Suitable for application developers, as well as database administrators

Prerequisites Topics Acquired skills

• Basics of PostgreSQL database administration

• PostgreSQL basics

• SQL basics

• Basics of PostgreSQL development

• Basics of applications design with PostgreSQL

• Basics of PL/pgSQL

• Advanced PostgreSQL database administration

• Business intelligence and data warehousing

• Multi-dimensional data modelling

• Horizontal partitioning

• Tablespaces

• Stored procedures

• Views

• Summary navigation

• Loading the data in the warehouse

• Data warehouse scalability

• Data warehouse high availability

• Advanced database architecture techniques

• Basics of database scalability with PostgreSQL

• Basics of data warehousing

• Basics of multi-dimensional modelling

• Basic optimisation techniques for data warehousing in PostgreSQL

Tags: Database Administration, Database Development, Business Intelligence, Software development, Open source solutions integration

Length: 1.00 day


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