Advanced Development & Performance

This class covers important Intermediate and Advanced level details for developers interacting with PostgreSQL. The course begins with the overall database architecture, followed by details about crucial features like MVCC or locking and what consequences that has on applications or maintenance. The course also discusses how to analyze execution plans of queries, indexing options, and other tips and tricks related to performance and database tuning. This course is suitable for both database administrators and application developers using Java, PHP, Python, perl, .Net or any other client languages.

Prerequisites Topics Acquired skills

- Basics of Programming

- Basics of Systems Administration

- Basics of SQL

- Basics of PostgreSQL

- PostgreSQL Database Administration

§We suggest attending the ‘PostgreSQL Database Administration’ course as a prerequisite to this course.

- Server Architecture & Server Tuning

- VACUUM, Freezing & Avoiding Wraparound

- Locking & Concurrency

- Security

- Database Design Alternatives

- Advanced Development

- EXPLAIN and SQL Execution

- Workload Analysis

- Indexes

- Join Planning

- Partitioning

- Transactions & Isolation

- Advanced PostgreSQL development

- PostgreSQL Application Design

- PostgreSQL Tuning and Performance

- PostgreSQL Database Architecture

Tags: PostgreSQL, Development, Performance

Length: 3.00 days

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