Replication, Backup & Disaster Recovery

This class covers the basics of replication and recovery, through administration and application of design.

Subject Areas Topics Course acquired skills

Database Administration

Systems Administration

Business Continuity and Operations


pg_dump and restore options

PITR Backup and Recovery

Replication Concepts

High Availability options

Streaming Replication

Managing clusters using repmgr

Hot Standby

Synchronous Replication

File based Log Shipping

Slony & Londiste

Connection Pooling

Upgrading PostgreSQL

Sharding and Scale Out

Advanced PostgreSQL database administration

Advanced database architecture techniques

Basics of database replication with PostgreSQL

Basics of database scalability with PostgreSQL

Basics of high availability and recovery with PostgreSQL

Minimum prerequisites Course length

Basics of systems administration

Basics of PostgreSQL database administration

PostgreSQL basics

Basics of applications design with PostgreSQL

3 days

Course Price: USD$ 2325 | GBP£ 1500 | EUR€ 1800

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