Scalability is a frequently misunderstood concept. In particular, the term scalability is sometimes confounded with performance. 

2ndQuadrant have a deep understanding of the distinction between and interaction of scalability and performance, particularly as they relate to delivering solutions for demanding applications economically.

Performance tuning is generally concerned with the ability of a system to perform acceptably by efficiently utilising available resources and can often be improved through tuning, adding system resources, or the refactoring of applications. However, it is ultimately bound by hardware availability.

Scalability, on the other hand, refers to a given application or system's innate ability to not have to be restructured in the face of increased demand, typically through the addition of additional nodes to redistribute a given workload. Ideally, adding additional nodes results in a linear increase in overall application performance.

Whatever the requirements, 2ndQuadrant will produce an effective solution that considers both factors, and is aligned with the needs of your business. With a staff of performance experts including Gregory Smith, author of the book "PostgreSQL high performance", and scalability experts including Hannu Krosing, who engineered a database architecture while at Skype to address their unparalleled PostgreSQL scalability issues, you will be in good hands.


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