If you're looking for help with Replication, you've come to the right place.

2ndQuadrant designed and wrote PostgreSQL's Point in Time Recovery (PITR), Warm Standby, Hot Standby and synchronous-replication features, and we've been actively maintaining them over the last 6 major releases of PostgreSQL. We're developing the future too, sometimes with sponsorship from other companies and major users.

We also know that replication means different things to different people. Our approach is to understand your requirements for High Availability, Data Integration, Archiving etc. and to optimise the solution for your business. Whether it's a one-off project or you need permanent infrastructure, we can help.

Although PostgreSQL's integrated replication options are generally preferred, we recognise that third party replication systems such as Slony-I, Bucardo and Londiste serve various use-cases that are not currently best addressed by PostgreSQL alone. For that reason, we regularly support and provide services around these systems.


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