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Support subscription plans for your PostgreSQL Databases

2ndQuadrant provides full 24/7 problem resolution support for PostgreSQL production systems. We also provide the 24/7 support for developers. If PostgreSQL breaks, we'll get you back up quickly. Clear and workable Service Level Agreements apply following standard industry response levels, including unlimited incidents.

We offer two, comprehensive plans; Gold and Platinum Production Support, both providing enterprise-class assistance for organisations who want quick access to PostgreSQL experts.

Platinum Production Support

For mission-critical instances where a ‘Severity 1’ situation needs an urgent response, 2ndQuadrant offers a guaranteed 15 minute response, with a 4 hour work-around and 24 hour bug fix. We call this our Platinum service and it’s only available from 2ndQuadrant. No other company offers this level of service or commitment, supported by some of the world’s leading PostgreSQL experts. Support cover is provided from Europe, US and Australasia in a "follow-the-sun" workflow.

Gold Production Support

Gold production support offers a response within 1 hour with similar features to Platinum.  Choose our Gold service if a response time of less than 1 hour is suitable for your needs.  Although no guarantees are provided for achieving a resolution, our objective is still to fix the problem as quickly as possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote DBA

This is an add-on service available to purchasers of Production Support. Expert intervention to assist when onsite skills are not available.  We can provide this service for just one server and can be a cost effective alternative to employing someone to provide the same resources.

Developer Support

If you are using PostgreSQL in a pre-production or development environment, we offer access to technical expertise through our Developer Support service.  With unlimited access to some of the best PostgreSQL experts around, we offer this service on a monthly subscription basis (minimum contract 6 months). Please fill in the contact form below to request a quote.

Virtualised Server Pricing

Our Production Support subscriptions are priced per server (per PostgreSQL instance), which particularly benefits client using multi-core and multiple servers. However, we recognise that some environments may consist of many virtualised servers, which could make pricing per server potentially expensive.  We have a solution to this but as each client's needs can vary substantially, we will consider a number of factors to provide a highly competitive price.  Please request a quote and we'll be in touch to understand your specific needs.

Why Choose 2ndQuadrant for PostgreSQL Support?  

With proprietary software, support often isn't optional, so you get a low quality service because there is no possibility of avoiding the cost or choosing alternative suppliers. "Support" should mean if you are really stuck you have someone to call. However, many proprietary software customers experience something quite different, with responses like "Yeah, it's a bug. We already know".

2ndQuadrant provides 24/7 software support where we actually fix bugs, not just tell you about them and what the workaround is. Support is optional, so our team are committed to giving our customers a quality service. We make sure we're there when you need us and that we have the skills to solve your problems.

Our support function is staffed by PostgreSQL developers and contributors. When you call us a noted PostgreSQL expert/developer/contributor will actually respond, personally. And if they can't help, we'll mobilise more people until we can. We don't have Level 1 staff as call handlers, we don't operate from call centres in developing countries to keep costs low and we don't rely on Google search for our expertise!

We are a growing business with a worldwide presence so whenever you call us you'll get someone working their day shift. There are many of us, so nobody needs to work nights or public holidays to make this work. No jumping out of bed. Awake, trained and motivated people to help you when you're in trouble, backed by a larger team with broad experience and precise technical knowledge.

*Platinum Production Support is currently available in English language only.  Our Gold service is available in English and Spanish, using native or fluent speakers.

Find out more about our support services - request further details or request a quote:

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