MessengerDB is a single point enquiry and reporting packaged application to aid regulatory compliance and various business requirements such as internal governance policies, where access to message logging data is required. 

MessengerDB is suitable for a variety of applications supporting message logging, generated by IM&P messaging, email, security audit logs (PG audit), inter-company XML messaging apps, and in fact anything that records exchanges of messages.   With a recommended architecture and server layout, using PostgreSQL databases on a 3 x server configuration, 99.99% availability can be achieved, and combined with our Platinum Production Support offers 24/7 support with guaranteed bug fixes within 24 hours.

MessengerDB has recently been deployed at a major international client, supporting a wider project delivered by BT Global Services. More details on this project are available on request.

If you would like more details about the application, including a copy of our overview presentation, please complete the contact form below:


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