BDR Performance

BDR's performance is very impressive. Our own tests using pgbench and (2ndQuadrant benchmarks testing on custom workload with a latency of <2 seconds) reveal BDR's significant advantages:

1. Basic pgbench test: the overhead of BDR is very low and is very close to Hot Standby. 

The small number for Londiste and Burcardo on Standby are the result of setting wal_level=minimal. 

2. Transaction performance: again BDR's performance is very close to Hot Standby

3. Latency:  BDR avoids trigger processing so achieves a low latency per transaction.

Latency measured in milliseconds

4. Custom workload throughput with latency < 2 seconds.

Performance setup: x i2.4xlarge. Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2.122GB RAM. 4x800GB SSDs Raid 0. Minimally tuned setup. pgbench scale 50, -c 32 -j 32


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