Webinar: Security and Compliance with PostgreSQL [Follow Up]

For businesses handling personal data, security of their database is a serious matter. Faced with an increasing number of attacks, an organization must improve their security and compliance policies, improve their database infrastructure and ensure all proper security protocols are in place.

As part of the ‘PostgreSQL Webinar Series’, 2ndQuadrant hosted a webinar on Security and Compliance with PostgreSQL, discussing the advanced features for security and compliance policies in PostgreSQL.

The webinar was conducted by Boriss Mejías, PostgreSQL Consultant at 2ndQuadrant.

Recording of the webinar is now available, for those who missed the live session.

Questions that Boriss couldn’t respond to, during the live webinar have been answered below:

Question: Hi, you said backup user must not be superuser. Barman by 2ndQuadrant requires this. Are you not using Barman?

Answer: The main Barman user needs superuser rights to setup things like replication_slots, but the actual replication is done with a user that only needs replication rights. In the Barman documentation, you will find the initial setup, a section dedicated to streaming connection.

There, you create the user with replication permissions as follows: [email protected]$ createuser -P –replication streaming_barman

Question: Does 2nd Quadrant’s Barman support backup encryption?

Answer: No.

For any questions or comments regarding PostgreSQL security, please send an email to [email protected]

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