Using Multimaster and BDR appropriately – LinuxConfAu

Unless you were in Sydney for 2018 last week you probably didn’t see my talk Geographically distributed multi-master replication with PostgreSQL and BDR. Luckily for you it’s on and YouTube.

If you’re interested in multi-master replication of any sort, even non-PostgreSQL-based multi-master, it should be worth taking a look. The talk could’ve been better titled “Understand Multi-Master and if it’s right for you” or “Physics is Mean”.

Comments and questions are welcome – @craig2ndq.

You can also just read the slides (pdf), but they’re really intended to support an explanation, not to stand alone.

Huge thanks to Next Day Video for the amazing work they did on the recordings, to the conference conveners, the organizing team and volunteers.

I really enjoyed at It was a lovely community conference that has kept its relaxed culture and soul despite a growing base of business-focused professional attendees.
I would like to give a shout out to a few outstanding speakers while I’m here:

Find more talks on the @nextdayvideo twitter stream.

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