“PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance” book is out

Since I’ve already pushed my book here once on my blog this week, this version will be short and include two chunks of free (as in beer) content for you.  My book covering PostgreSQL performance, from versions 8.1 to 9.0, is now available.

Downloads of the 468 page e-book text are available immediately from Packt Publishing.  Publication of the associated code samples and shipping of printed copies will follow soon.  There’s even a free sample chapter covering Database Hardware, including critical information about how to keep your database writes safe with various types of disks and controllers.  Secret for blog readers only:  there’s also an article about Server Configuration Tuning snipped from that chapter of the book you can read too.

“PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook” by Simon Riggs and Hannu Krosing is also coming soon from Packt.  They are running multiple specials for those who wish to purchase both books, or the combination of the print and e-book version of a single title.  Note that you have to be logged into an account on their site before some promotional codes will be applied to your shopping cart total.

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  1. JMM
    JMM says:

    The book is nice. However I do regret there is nothing about the benefits of writing your functions in other languages than Pl/Pgsql (“C” is on my mind, of course).

    (I partitionned a table of about a thousand million rows and the insert trigger is pretty slow.)

    Moreover the same chapter should also be a bit more developed. Referential integrity constraints have to be re-thought of if partitionning is made according values of the foreign key.


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