Planetary alignment

Picking back up this week’s theme of where you can publicize your PostgreSQL related project at, you’re probably reading this blog entry because it appeared on the Planet PostgreSQL blog aggregator. There are “Planet” feeds around many open-source projects. The Debian and GNOME ones spawned off the Planet software, which now powers a ton of […]

Performing parallel ETL with Greenplum’s gpfdist and external tables

One of the coolest features that Greenplum offers to Data warehousing and Business Intelligence operators as far as ETL is concerned, is the combination of read only external tables with gpfdist, Greenplum’s parallel file distribution server. The typical use case for this solution is parallel data loading of text files (coming from etherogeneous sources – […]

EuroPython 2011: “The Python and the Elephant”

During EuroPython 2011, the major annual event for Python developers and users in Europe, 2ndQuadrant will deliver a special hands-on training session entitled “The Python and the Elephant“.This 4-hour workshop will take place on Thursday June 23 and will cover the two main techniques for writing applications in Python for PostgreSQL: standard client applications using […]

PostGIS In Action

I doubt many people can tell you exactly when the first time they read a map was.  Mine was memorable though.  Circa 3rd grade, I went through the usual battery of standardized tests for the first time, which included map reading.  I did pretty bad, which was odd because it was the only section I […]

PostgreSQL agent in SQL Standard committee again

By always having Peter E. in background I am active in SQL Standard (ISO/IEC 9075) committee since 2008. The membership expired after I switched companies. I got the pleasant news today morning that the German office of my new company extended the membership. This means – I will be PostgreSQL agent in SQL Standard committee […]

Intel SSD, now off the sh..err, shamed list

I already did the long conference entry here, so just a quick update:  slides from PGEast are posted and next week I’ll be at the increasingly misnamed MySQL Conference in Santa Clara, California. One thing I’m known for now is ranting about cheap Solid State Drives and how they suck for database use.  The Reliable […]

How to install fuzzystrmatch on Greenplum Community Edition

Some members of the Greenplum Community Forum have been asking about how to install on Greenplum CE a very useful “contrib” module available for PostgreSQL.

Spring 2011 PostgreSQL Conferences, US/Canada

This week’s water falling from the skies isn’t turning into snow.  And on days when it’s clear, my car is covered with tree pollen.  While they means something different to most people, to me these are the signs that the spring conference season is about to start.  There’s a conference in North America during each […]

2ndQuadrant Deutschland – Special Training Opening Bargain

We are proud to announce that 2ndQuadrant Deutschland (Germany) officially is registered. As opening bargain …We offer 11 different German PostgreSQL trainings, workshops and crash courses between March and July in Bielefeld for special prises. Topics are about PostgreSQL Administration, Performance tuning, Replication, Advanced Development, SQL and Database Basics. Our special PostgreSQL for MySQLer training […]

Linux filesystems and PostgreSQL checkpoint benchmarks

Following up on last month’s Tuning Linux for low PostgreSQL Latency, there’s now been a giant pile of testing done on two filesystems, three patches, and two sets of kernel tuning parameters run.  The result so far is some interesting new data, and one more committed improvements in this area that are in PostgreSQL 9.1 […]