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CHAR (16) – Another conference on the horizon but with a focus on business

The PostgreSQL user community is becoming spoilt with a choice of excellent events organized by both local user groups and commercial organizations supporting the PostgreSQL project.  And amongst the events taking place in December, the one you definitely shouldn’t miss attending is CHAR(16). ‘CHAR(16): Scalability for Business’ is intended to fulfill a different requirement – different […]

2UDA – Installing PostgreSQL 9.6 the easy way

PGDG announced the General Availability of PostgreSQL 9.6 on the 29th of September. Like each year, this new release brings with it a lot of exciting new features. Using these features, of course, requires installing PostgreSQL … a task that can be a touch daunting for novice users. 2UDA, a graphical installer for PostgreSQL, is designed to […]

Committed to the PostgreSQL Community, 2ndQuadrant Contributes to 9.6

The latest version of PostgreSQL 9.6 is planned to be released later today, bringing with it some much anticipated features and updates. As the most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL strives to release a major version roughly once every year. With an active and collaborative community, this PostgreSQL release boasts impressive features and updates thanks […]

Using Querydsl with PostgreSQL

Querydsl is a domain model centric ORM that was created out of a need to add typesafety to HQL. As demonstrated in my blog on HQL, to write queries using HQL, at times long string concatenations need to be used. Such strings are not only hard to read, they are prone to runtime errors, avoiding […]