OmniDB 2.5 Released - Now with Support for Oracle Databases

Oxford, United Kingdom — February 12, 2018

2ndQuadrant proudly announces the release of OmniDB 2.5. OmniDB is an interactive and powerful, yet lightweight, browser-based database management tool. OmniDB 2.5 now allows users to manage multiple databases in a unified workspace with a user-friendly and fast-performing interface. OmniDB is fully backed by 2ndQuadrant’s world-renowned 24/7 Production Support

OmniDB 2.5 introduces the following features and improvements: 

  • Basic support for Oracle databases. Users can manage, connect, and interact with Oracle databases using most of the same features provided to manage PostgreSQL databases. 
  • New DDL Panel.  A new panel located below the treeview displays properties and DDL of the currently selected node.

For a complete list of updates, read the OmniDB change tracker here

OmniDB 2.5 is available for download here and installation instructions are available here.

For more information, please email [email protected]


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