2ndQuadrant partners with frontrunner in online trading to boost PostgreSQL performance by 400%

Revolutionary fintech, tastyworks Inc, selects 2ndQuadrant for PostgreSQL Consultancy, Database Health Check and Performance Optimization.

Oxford, United Kingdom — October 31, 2018

2ndQuadrant today released a case study highlighting their partnership with retail brokerage firm, tastyworks Inc, to optimize the performance of their online trading platform.

tastyworks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of tastytrade, Inc. - one of the fastest growing online financial networks in the world. tastyworks provides a powerful and easy-to-use trading platform that interacts with the their distributed microservices infrastructure, with PostgreSQL as the database of choice.

Shortly after launching their application, the rapid success of the tastyworks platform created a larger than expected production volume, leading to unanticipated performance issues. The team quickly realized the need to diagnose bottlenecks and scale out the hardware appropriately in order to achieve immediate performance improvements and prepare the platform for future growth.

Faced with additional engineering and scaling challenges, the tastyworks team felt a strong need to bring in specialists for architectural consultancy. While exploring options on how to best scale their database infrastructure and tackle performance issues simultaneously, 2ndQuadrant stood out above all others for having more in-depth technical knowledge and superior enterprise services. tastyworks was also impressed to see that the core PostgreSQL committers at 2ndQuadrant were directly involved in the consultancy and support services the received.

After the database analysis was complete, 2ndQuadrant recommended changes needed to ensure a high-performing database. By implementing repmgr, pgbouncer, and updating the PostgreSQL configurations, tastyworks was able to scale their microservices infrastructure and achieve a performance boost of 400%.

Deploying PGBouncer allowed us to stay ahead of performance issues that we knew we'd run in to due to increasing transactional volume. It was implemented in parallel with other re-engineering and performance optimization work and the impact was immediately noticeable. During our daily load test, we observed an immediate 2-4x improvement in peak throughput.

Jordan von Kluck, CTO, tastyworks.

Seeing the drastic improvements in performance, tastyworks acknowledged the importance of having PostgreSQL experts available around the clock and initiated a long-term partnership with 2ndQuadrant under their 24/7 Platinum Support plan.

The full case study is available here.


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