36.22. domain_udt_usage

The view domain_udt_usage identifies all domains that are based on data types owned by a currently enabled role. Note that in PostgreSQL, built-in data types behave like user-defined types, so they are included here as well.

Table 36.20. domain_udt_usage Columns

NameData TypeDescription
udt_catalogsql_identifierName of the database that the domain data type is defined in (always the current database)
udt_schemasql_identifierName of the schema that the domain data type is defined in
udt_namesql_identifierName of the domain data type
domain_catalogsql_identifierName of the database that contains the domain (always the current database)
domain_schemasql_identifierName of the schema that contains the domain
domain_namesql_identifierName of the domain