PostgreSQL Bi-Directional Replication (BDR)

This special 1-day training course will run after CHAR(14) & PGDay UK and takes place at the conference venue on Thursday 10th July 2014.  The course is an introduction to the new async multimaster replication solution, due to be announced in more detail at the CHAR(14). This will  be the first opportunity to learn more about how BDR works and understand what implementation options are available - directly from the developers.

  • When is BDR right for you?
  • How to....
  • Planning for the future

Course Tutors:  Simon Riggs, CTO & Founder of 2ndQuadrant,  Andres Freund, Principal Consultant, 2ndQuadrant

Price: £299 [CHAR(14) & PGDay UK attendees] or £499 inc VAT

Book this course here.

More details on CHAR(14) & PGDay UK here.

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