2ndQuadrant now offers PostgreSQL Production Support on the IBM Z platform, running either RedHat or SUSE Linux.

Available as 'Platinum Production Support', this service provides IBM Z users with the class-leading combination of the most advanced 24/7 professional PostgreSQL technical support service available, with the extraordinary capabilities of this IBM mainframe technology.

Subscription plans

Lowest Initial Response (sev 1) Within 15 mins
Standard Escalation Time (sev 1) Within 30 mins
Release Lifetime 7 years
Operational Hours 24/7
Names Contacts 5
Number of Incidents Unlimited
Severity 1 initial response 15 min (bug fix within 24h)
Severity 2 initial response 2 hours (bug fix within 10d)
Severity 3 initial response Next business day (bug fix within 20d)
Severity 4 initial response 1 week (bug fix within 60d)
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If speed of resolution is absolutely critical, our Platinum plan provides a fast response time and guaranteed resolution times.

With Platinum Production Support, not only are critical situations handled swiftly, we guarantee to respond in person (no automated responders) within 15 minutes. We also guarantee to provide a workaround solution within 4 hours and a bug fix within 24 hours.

Platinum Production Support is currently available in English language only.

Support on Linux on IBM Z

Platinum Production Support for PostgreSQL on Linux on IBM Z offers the reassurance of the best enterprise-class support available from any vendor, with 24/7 coverage, a guaranteed 15 minute response, guaranteed 4 hour work-around and guaranteed 24 hour bug fix for severity 1 issues within Postgres. IBM Z customers expect the very best service and 2ndQuadrant delivers on this expectation with access to some of the best database engineers available.

PostgreSQL RPMs for Linux on IBM Z

We've worked closely with the team at IBM to ensure Z users can access PostgreSQL source code which is specifically optimized for the platform. RPMs are available here.

Current availability:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7

YUM Installation on IBM Z

PostgreSQL can be installed using RPMs (binary) or SRPMs (source) managed by YUM for Linux on IBM Z.  Installation instructions are available here.

Increased Performance

2ndQuadrant have tested PostgreSQL running on IBM Z and have produced some impressive performance results. More details are available here.

Commitment to IBM Z

2ndQuadrant is committed to support IBM Z users long term, in partnership with IBM, with professional PostgreSQL services. We have made a long term commitment to both IBM and PostgreSQL users to continue to invest in a continuous development programme for IBM Z. This includes updates and support for all major and minor releases of Postgres from 9.4 onwards.

Our own clients have already invested in Z for long term projects so we have matched that commitment. This includes a big emphasis on open source development to give access to anything unique to others and lower the dependency on one organisation. 2ndQuadrant's support of this program includes maintaining a dedicated Z build farm and RPMs repository for current editions of PostgreSQL.

Other services

Remote DBA

This is an add-on service available to purchasers of Production Support. We provide expert intervention to assist when onsite skills are not available.

We can provide this service for just one server, which can be a cost effective alternative to employing someone to provide the same resources.

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Developer Support

If you are using PostgreSQL in a pre-production or development environment, we offer access to technical expertise through our Developer Support service, including unlimited access to some of the best PostgreSQL experts around.

We offer this service on a monthly subscription basis (minimum contract 6 months).

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Our guarantees

Guaranteed expertise

With 2ndQuadrant you deal with PostgreSQL experts from the first point of contact.

Our professional support function is staffed by world-class experts who have years of experience and are themselves Postgres contributors, developers or committers:

When you call us, a noted PostgreSQL expert/developer/contributor will actually respond, personally. And if they can't help, we'll mobilise more people until we can.

We don't have Level 1 staff as call panel-handlers, we don't operate from far away call centres and we don't rely on Google search for our expertise!

We don't just provide support - we guarantee help.

Guaranteed fairest price

Our Production Support subscriptions are available to purchase on a per server basis (per PostgreSQL instance - which particularly benefits clients using multi-core and multiple servers) and on per socket basis (more suitable for environments that consist of many virtualised servers).

We call this our price optimization policy; our commitment to providing support for the lowest possible fee, matched to a client's specific needs.

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