PostgreSQL Immersion

This course combines three shorter classes—covering administration, performance, advanced development, and replication—into a continuous sequence.

Hands-on workshop exercises are provided for the performance and replication classes. And students are encouraged to ask questions about features the instructor can demonstrate at any time. The examples target PostgreSQL versions 9.0 and 9.1.

Instructors for this class know PostgreSQL works at a deep level, including the common challenges when the database is deployed onto real-world production systems at scale. The ideal student will not just want to know what to do with PostgreSQL, they'll want to understand how the database works and makes its decisions.

Course Length: 5 days

Who Should Attend:

Database administrators, systems administrators, or developers with working knowledge of database usage.


Students must have a working knowledge of SQL. Using the command line interface to a Linux system and some basic UNIX shell programming experience is needed to complete all of the replication workshop exercises.

Course Outline:

The subjects covered by the PostgreSQL Immersion Course series include:

Introduction to PostgreSQL 9 Database Administration

  • Connecting & Troubleshooting

  • PgAdmin III Overview

  • Server Configuration

  • Database Administration

  • User Administration

  • Understanding Database Object Types

  • Permissions & Security

  • Running SQL

  • Monitoring


  • Maintenance

  • Data Migration & Test Environments

  • Server Logs

  • Help & Support

Advanced Development & Performance Summary

  • Server Architecture & Caching

  • Tuning Parameters


  • Locking & Concurrency

  • Database design alternatives

  • Advanced Development Summary

  • Reading EXPLAINs

  • Workload Analysis, Benchmarking and Profiling

  • Join Planning

  • Indexes

  • SQL Performance Tips & Tricks

PostgreSQL 9 Replication & Recovery Concepts

  • pg_dump and restore options

  • PITR Backup and Recovery

  • Replication Concepts

  • High Availability options

  • Streaming Replication

  • Managing clusters using repmgr

  • Hot Standby

  • Synchronous Replication

  • File based Log Shipping

  • Introduction to Slony & Londiste

  • Connection Pooling

  • Upgrading PostgreSQL

  • Sharding and Scale Out 

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