Open Source Browser-Based Tool For PostgreSQL Database Management

OmniDB is an interactive, open source web tool with a powerful yet lightweight design that simplifies database management. It was specifically created to provide a user-friendly interface for PostgreSQL databases.

Why choose OmniDB?

Despite its light design, OmniDB is a reliable and comprehensive web tool with many facilitating characteristics to easily add, edit and manage your PostgreSQL database. Among the most significant characteristics are:

  • A Light Web Tool. Runs in any browser, from any operating system.

  • Responsive Interface. All available functions are displayed on a single page.

  • Simplified Editing. Easy to add and remove connections.

  • Secure. Multi-user support with encrypted personal information.

  • Interactive Tables. All functionalities use interactive tables, allowing to copy and paste blocks.

  • Smart SQL Editor. Contextual SQL code completion.

  • Unlimited access. It can be accessed by several computers and multiple users.

  • Tabbed SQL Editor. Easy to add, rename or delete editor tabs.

OmniDB Features

OmniDB gives you all the necessary features to add, edit and manage data in a unified workspace. It is capable of connecting and identifying main structures such as tables, keys, indexes and constraints.  Some of its most prominent features are listed below:

  • Easy to manage. The structure of your database is shown as an interactive tree. Each node's context menu contains access to every available action. The user can easily switch between database connections by picking from a simple dropdown menu.

  • Create and edit tables easily. As a result of a powerful interface and extended editing capabilities, OmniDB allows you to manage and edit existing tables and create new ones easily. It also allows you to add & edit various table attributes like columns and foreign keys etc.  

  • Data Management. It is possible to add, edit and remove table records, depending on the table’s characteristics. 

  • SQL Editing.  OmniDB contains an interactive and customizable SQL editor, featuring syntax highlighting and SQL code completion for tables and subqueries.

  • Parallel Execution of Queries. OmniDB is powered by the WebSocket technology, enabling you to execute multiple queries in parallel.

  • Table Relation Graphs. With a single click you can see all tables and their relations, as well as a complete ER diagram.    

Where to find OmniDB

OmniDB 2 is completely written in Python and designed to provide a user-friendly interface for your PostgreSQL database. Download and installation instructions are available here.

OmniDB 2.4 Released - December 7, 2017

You can download OmniDB 2.4 here and go through the release notes here

Why 2ndQuadrant?

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