More speed. More reliability. More scalability.

2ndQPostgres is offered exclusively to 2ndQuadrant customers and includes carefully selected, quality-assured features that are not yet available in the community version of PostgreSQL because they are:

  • New and Original - Our customers get early access to new advanced features
  • Backported from later releases - PostgreSQL adds new features with every major version. 2ndQPostgres allows you to benefit from the latest enhancements without needing to upgrade.
  • Awaiting acceptance to PostgreSQL - Due to its open, collaborative ecosystem, Community PostgreSQL can sometimes require a great deal of time for new features to be committed to its core. Our customers are able to utilize cutting-edge features while the community acceptance process continues.

The code enhancements are applied with a light touch to make meaningful improvements with small changes; this approach allows 2ndQPostgres databases to be binary compatible with the client/server protocol and binary compatible with the on-disk format of PostgreSQL.

There is no lock-in for our clients when they choose 2ndQPostgres. 2ndQPostgres allows you the ability to move between community PostgreSQL and 2ndQPostgres, and back again just by restarting the server from a clean shutdown.

2ndQPostgres Features

The feature set of 2ndQPostgres will change over time as the community versions grows and changes. As well-established major contributors to the PostgreSQL project, 2ndQuadrant remains committed to developing the community version of PostgreSQL. Enhancements included have proven themselves in production usage with our customers.

Based upon our field experience, we have noted that the added enhancements make 2ndQPostgres much better at handling a larger numbers of CPUs, larger databases, and higher write workloads than standard PostgreSQL at the equivalent release level.

Depending on your specific use case, by using 2ndQPostgres your database will achieve:

  • Faster & smoother physical replication that avoids intermittent slow downs and various other negative effects.
  • Improved CPU scalability.
  • Performance improvements for very large tables.
  • Reduced impact when creating indexes on production systems.
  • Much faster emergency maintenance commands.

2ndQPostgres has enhanced versions of 9.4, 9.5 and 9.6. Binaries for minor releases are published periodically, so that the bug-fix level is always the same as or in advance of the quarterly maintenance releases from the PostgreSQL community. More detailed information is available for each specific release.

2ndQPostgres gives you access to bug fixes faster than using standard PostgreSQL.

Our Promise

Our promise to our customers and the community is to demonstrate our commitment to Open Source PostgreSQL in the following ways:

  • We will continue to contribute a minimum of 3x the manpower to community PostgreSQL as we spend on 2ndQPostgres.
  • All features in 2ndQPostgres will be actively contributed to the community within 2 years of their completed development.
  • There will be no additional charges for 2ndQPostgres.

2ndQPostgres is a licensed product produced by 2ndQuadrant for the use and benefit of 2ndQuadrant Support customers. 2ndQPostgres is available for use only on servers that are covered by a current 2ndQuadrant Production Support subscription.

Why 2ndQuadrant and 2ndQPostgres?

Our team boasts over 100 years of combined contributions in the PostgreSQL project, earning us the prestigious title of Platinum Sponsors of the community. Based on over 15 years of customer engagements, we have been able to identify bottlenecks and then contribute towards performance features that fix them in PostgreSQL. While these features may not yet be available in PostgreSQL Core, we are confident in their benefits and want to share them with our customers.

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