PostgreSQL Health Check


Prevention is better than a cure. A statement that is as true for your PostgreSQL database as it is for your own health. Make a wise investment and reduce your risks. Lean on our expertise to get an understanding of the health of your database.

Our team of experts can examine many aspects of your databases and determine the overall health in areas like performance, security, data loads, availability and compliance.

5 good reasons to get a Health Check

There are many factors which make a Health Check a good idea but typically there are several common reasons why our customers choose this service:

  1. Change of usage patterns. Your database was designed for ‘A’ but now you also do ‘B’ and are planning to do ‘C’. You want to make sure the database throughput is optimized. 
  2. Increase in size and scale. Data increases over time and slows down the system. Continuous monitoring and tweaking is required to ensure that the system functions smoothly. 
  3. Hardware upgrades. Make sure your database is fully utilizing the new power. It needs to be tuned to capitalize on the additional available CPU cores and memory. It also needs to optimally utilize disk configuration, e.g. use SSDs for data that is most frequently accessed. 
  4. Simply getting the maximum bang for your buckA routine health check is preventive maintenance on your mission critical systems to pre-empt problems.
  5. Validate configuration & deployment against best practices2ndQuadrant have decades of PostgreSQL talent that you can draw upon to augment your existing in-house expertise. We can identify potential problems and recommend proven industry standards.

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive and your requirements may be entirely different. The value of any expert intervention is specific to every client and that’s also why our Health Check is a bespoke service.

A bespoke service - because everyone is unique

Unlike other services you may come across, a PostgreSQL Health Check is tailored to your specific needs.

We take the time to understand your objectives first, then ensure a Health Check addresses those objectives, revealing areas of weakness and presenting you with solutions to fix any problems we uncover.   

What is covered?

A 2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Health Check is a comprehensive audit of your database architecture.  Areas covered include:

  • PostgreSQL High Availability review. Ensure that your database is highly available in order to meet SLA requirements. We will also review failover strategy. 
  • Backup/Recovery and disaster management review. Plan backups of your data for disaster mitigation and point-in-time recovery. 
  • Security review. Understand the access requirements of the organization and then review security and encryption settings of the system. 
  • Parameter tuning recommendations. Based on organizational goals, tune configuration parameters to maximize throughput. 
  • Vacuum analyze strategy review. Vacuum takes up time and power, but we also need to get rid of dead tuples and disk bloat. We help you strike the right balance. 
  • Hardware and OS configuration review. It is not just the database configuration that impacts performance, throughput also depends on hardware configuration and how the operating system features are utilized. Get the best recommendations on hardware and OS. 
  • Best practices review.  2ndQuadrant experts with decades of experience between them will tell you what practices to follow to get the best results from your PostgreSQL installation. 
  • Connection pooling review. Optimize your connection pooling strategy based on application needs.
  • Review of bulk data load strategy. In case bulk data loads are required by your organization, we will review your strategy. 
  • SLA compliance review. Based on SLAs that you might have with your customers, we will review the overall integrity of your database to ensure that you can maintain your SLA obligation.
  • Standards compliance review. If your business needs to comply with industry standards we will ensure that PostgreSQL features meet this requirement. 

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